Friday, 19 March 2010

Activities this week

In this post I'll tell the activities I've been doing this week to show more about what I've been doing in my project as a volunteer. On Monday, I went to DAPP office in Limbe to finish the poster and leaflet which I've been working since last week. These poster and leaflet are for the annual DAPP Book Fair on 26th and 27th of March. As a part of my volunteer work I've been working to promote the advertisement of events, book fairs and sales to DAPP Book Shop. On Monday, I also had a meeting with Ole Thomsone, director of DAPP, to talk about the donation of books to Malawi prison. I had this idea of donate more than 3,000 books from DAPP's book old stock and I needed his authorisation to go ahead with this action. He agreed with the donation and this make me very happy because I've been working with this idea of donate books since January.

On Tuesday I enjoyed a mobile sell of books to the oner of a school, Mr. Kaphuka. He wants to improve the library of his school so I went there, with Atupele and George, to delivery education books. In total he bought more then 4,000 books and next month he wants more books! The books that he bought were education books classified in different subjects like ma thematic, science, computer, history, geography, language, business and arts. I found two good books of calculus and microbiology which I used in my University. Mr. Kaphuka is doing a good thing to his school to improve the education of his students.

On Wednesday, I went to the book shop to help the staff organize the new arrivals of books. On Thursday, I visited three DAPP Second Hand Clothes shops as they also sell books, I informed them about the donation of books to Malawi prison and told them to select some books to the donation. On Friday, I went to DAPP office to talk to my project leader, get my allowance and access internet.

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