Monday, 5 April 2010

DAPP Book Fair

The DAPP Book Fair on 26th and 27th of April was a success! More than 300 people visited the book shop during the two days. We did many discounts on books and we gave them cakes and soft drinks so the customers could enjoy the book fair. The idea of a book fair is quite nice to invite people to come and know the DAPP Book Shop. Some people were there first time to know the book shop. It’s good that DAPP can do this kind of event reducing the prices of books so more people can buy good books. The books were like 50% discount or buy 3 for K100 (US$ 0.66).

I was at the entrance of the book shop to give cakes and soft drinks. The pieces of cake were free and soft drinks I could give to people who bought books. The cakes were chocolate cake and simple cake, and we also had doughnuts and waffles. The cakes were made by me and doughnuts and waffles by Mi-Hong. To prepare the cakes I had quite luck because we could make them at Yefua’s house, a friend of my project leader.

I was supposed to make the cakes at my project leader’s house but on the way to her house she told me that she doesn’t have a mixer. So she phoned to her friend, Yefua, to ask her a mixer. When we arrived at Yefua’s house she asked if we wanted to make the cakes there. She and her daughter, Tapiwua, helped us to bake the cakes. They are very generous and kindly people. A good example of Malawians.

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