Friday, 12 March 2010

Donating toys to orphanage

Last Sunday Mi-Hong and me went to an orphanage, in a village located near Lunzu, to donate some toys and snacks to the children. This orphanage has 73 children that the majority of them lost their parents because of HIV/AIDS. A teacher told me that 10% of the children are HIV positive. The orphanage started their activities in 2009 by initiative from local people. They don't have so many features, the 4 teachers are volunteers from the village, there isn't any building for the classes, their activities happen under a tree on the ground floor. They started to make the clay bricks with the community help to build the classrooms but for now they decided to buy a house that can be used to their activities as buying it will be cheaper than build a new one. So they are doing fund raising to buy the house.

The toys donated to the children were from CICD (College for International Co-operation and Development) and, as they weren't enough, I bought more toys. The children were very happy to receive the toys, I think the toys can bring them some hope to feel like children since almost of them has to work at agriculture and they don't have time to play.

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